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We, Bart Bouman and David Stumpp, are entrepreneurs, film producers and presenters. In more than 100 events we have presented our extraordinary journey "Three Monkeys One Journey".


The diverse and interesting insights that we have gained from our experiment are presented in the form of lively impulse lectures, speeches and multi-vision shows.


We speak in companies, at conferences, congresses, employee events, trade fairs, workshops and symposia. We also speak in schools and educational institutions.


Get out of the comfort zone. An exciting journey into our own inner world and a courageous discovery of our senses, which will also open eyes and ears of our spectators.

With all your senses. We provide valuable impulses on how communication, leadership and conflict resolution can succeed under new and difficult conditions.

Go on, you can do it! From a spontaneous idea to a finished movie and far beyond. We want to encourage and inspire you to trust your own ideas and implement them.


If you want more information, write us a message. We are happy to develop a suitable format for your event.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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