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How does it feel to forego a sense?

Can I trust my friends blindly?

Three weeks, three friends, three senses – and an idea for a great adventure. Bart, David and Jakob are travelling to the French Atlantic Coast together, taking it in turns to go without speech, hearing and sight. Each week the roles are changed. Soon the three young men realise that this is more than just a madcap experiment. No-one can manage without the other, they all need each other’s help and must help each other out at the same time. The initial misunderstandings as they make their way through the rainy Black Forest soon give way to a genuine crisis which they can neither simply ignore nor really cope with. With sight, hearing and speech the three friends are robbed of their most important means of understanding each other. They travel on as if chained to one another, confronted with themselves in completely new ways. They meet a variety of people on their journey to the sea and experience a series of comedy capers. But something has to change if this experiment is to become a truly sensory experience.

Light-opaque eye patches covered the eyes completely. The occlusal pavers provided nearly one hundred percent darkness - day and night.

An individual hearing protection for the auditory canal, a capsule hearing protector and loudspeakers inte- grated therein, which played a continuous noise, made it impossible to hear the ambient noise.

Whoever said nothing during a week did not need any tools. Silence depended exclusively on one's own will.

How do you solve a conflict without words?

What makes a friendship?

How can I describe the Camino path to David?




Three Monkeys One Journey